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Volt Volt

I would never consider anyone but Begal Enterprises to clean up fire or water damage at Volt Restaurant. Bill knows the restaurant business inside out, and his team understands the importance of responding quickly and working with great care and attention to detail.

We work hard to make Volt the "go to" destination for people wanting a fine dining experience. That’s exactly what Bill Begal has done with his company: they are the "go to" tool for any home or business after a disaster.

I highly recommend Begal Enterprises to my fellow restaurant owners, and to anyone else who suffers damage from fire or flooding.

-Bryan Voltaggio, Volt Restaurant

Dear Bill,

On Tuesday, February 19 a domestic hot water pipe ruptured in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit and 2nd Floor Laboratory areas of the hospital, dumping hundreds of gallons of water in a matter of a few minutes. Staff immediately began to address the crisis and summon assistance from all sources, both internal and external to the hospital. Many of our contractors and vendors were in transit to their homes for the evening, and willingly made the sacrifice to turn around and return to the hospital to provide the emergency assistance we desperately needed. I wish to personally recognize and thank your staff for their commitment to service excellence and their extraordinary efforts in assisting us in our hour of need.

William Begal Michael Hornsby
Dennis Hentz Francisco Guevara
Rosario Marquez Maria Torres
Lidia Peralta Marcella Merino
Patty Marquez

Please share with them our gratitude and pride in their commitment and efforts on our behalf. As such, the hospital would like to honor them at our Recognition and Appreciation Ceremony on Thursday February 28 from 12 – 2 pm in the Hickory Room by the Main Lobby. We hope that all will be able to attend.

Many thanks, again, for your continued commitment and service to Shady grove Adventist Hospital.

-Stephen D. Jennison, DirectorFacilities Management

I have worked with Begal Enterprises for flood remediation on 2 projects at National Institutes Of Health. My experience was pleasant and efficient all work was done in a professional manner. Work was completed on schedule .

-Mack Burton, National Institutes of Health


It's a businessman's worst nightmare. Your store is flooded and you can't open the doors to serve your customers. Several years ago that happened in two of our locations. First it was a small flood in our Rockville store, then just five weeks later a large sewage backup closed the entire basement area of our flagship store in Tyson's Corner.

We were lucky that we knew about Bill Begal. His hard working crew showed up quickly, knew exactly what to do, enabling us to reopen as quickly as possible.

The price was fair and the job was done right. I recommend them heartily.

-Ronnie Mervis, Mervis Diamond Importers

In the panic of a broken sprinkler head or a torrential summer storm flooding a building, our first call is to Begal. We have confidence that they will quickly get to the building, that they will throw the manpower at the problem, and that the issues will be analyzed and solved. In addition to their work in the field, the critical paperwork is efficient, thorough, and accurate.

-Steven G. Shapiro, LEED AP BD&C The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

I am the President of Meltzer Karlin Property and Casualty and I am pleased to take this opportunity to recommend an emergency services company in the DC and Maryland area.

Begal Enterprises has provided high quality fire and flood restoration services to homeowners and leading business in the area since 1999. Their commercial clients include Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom. The work regularly at high value homes in the area. They have performed emergency work for some of the area’s most prominent citizens, including Sargent and Eunice Shriver as well as lesser known people like myself.

Begal Enterprises is known for the kind of attention to detail that homeowners need in a time of crisis. Their reputation in the area is impeccable and their rates are at or below industry norms. I highly recommend Begal.

-Billy Karlin, President Meltzer Karlin Property & Casualty


Galveston, TX

Bill Begal and I met under very difficult circumstances. The summer of 2008 Hurricane Ike ravaged the city of Galveston and left no buildings in its wake. Once the residents and employees were able to return to the island they saw that, what once was a home or a business was gone. Debris was scattered through the town and the smell of destruction was all around us. As I walked through the doors of our Synagogue, all I could see was destruction and despair. The stench was so strong you needed a mask just to breathe. My congregants and I stared in disbelief at what was left of our spiritual home. We began to clean, as that is all we could think of doing. We soon realized the task in front of us was insurmountable and hazardous to our health. Standing on the sidewalk in front of the Synagogue we were saddened by our loss and the losses of countless others, we then contemplated our future. It was looking pretty bleak as we had no flood insurance. At that time, a van pulled up; out walked Bill Begal asking if we needed any help. We explained our situation and the history of the Synagogue to Bill. No sooner than we finished talking, Bill motioned for his crew to begin the work we so desperately needed. If it wasn’t for the twenty-four hour care, over two weeks, that Bill and his crew provided for us we would not be in existence today! Later, when I asked Bill why he helped us, he simply stated, “It’s my duty….”

-Congregation Beth Jacob Galveston, Texas


Potomac, MD

A couple of years back there was a flood in my home. I knew about Bill Begal’s reputation for handling small and large disasters and called him. Bill had a crew at my house faster than I expected. They got right to work and cleaned the affected areas so well you’d never know there was a problem. I appreciated the way they took care of my property and how they paid attention to details so I wouldn’t have even more problems down the road. And it was all done at a very fair price. When you have an emergency you want two things: quick response and high quality work. Bill Begal gave us both of those.

-Andrew Sachs, Sachs Capital

Rockville, MD

Dear Bill,

When it rains sometimes it pours and when it pours sometimes it floods our basement which is why we are so happy that we know Begal Enterprises. On more than one occasion, Begal has come to our home on a moment’s notice.

Your staff is always friendly and accommodating. T.J. always calls within days to follow up just to make sure everything is OK.

I know that I can always rely on Begal.

Thank you for always being around to solve our “wet basement” problems.

-Cindy Zitelman

Gaithersburg, MD

Begal Enterprises did an excellent job in helping me out when my basement flooded. Their timely response after I first learned of my water damage prevented mold from developing in the rug and walls. Their crews were very professional and efficient. Annabelle and Tori were the two employees in the office who walked me through every step of the process. They not only directed the cleanup, but they also worked with my insurance company and rug supplier. It was nice to know that I always had someone working on my behalf. I would recommend Begal to anyone that has water damage to their home.

-Keith Burnham

Washington, DC

One night my daughter’s electric blanket malfunctioned, catching her bed on fire, and eventually spread out of her window and into the hallway before the fire alarm sounded. While the fire could have been much worse without an alarm and had we not been home, it was devastating. Not only because of the smoke, which blanketed the house, but also because the water from the fire hoses seemed to seep through and reach everything in the three-levels of our home. Fortunately, however, we found Bill Begal who came over the night of the fire and immediately took charge. I was bordering on exhaustion and hysteria before he came, but he knew just what to do, immediately brought a sense of calm and control to the situation. Ultimately, he was instrumental in getting our home and our lives back to normal far more quickly than I could imagined. He also helped us get a satisfactory recovery from the insurance company. And best of all, if you looked at our home today, you would never believe that we once had a house fire.

-Nancie Marzulla, Attorney at Law


After a very nasty flood of oil in my cellar, I contracted Begal Enterprises Inc. to analyze the damages, supervise the entire floor replacement and protect the rest of the house for the contamination with dust and similar. Begal Enterprises did an excellent work, provided an excellent service and reported professionally all steps and findings. With this report, I was able to obtain compensation from the insurance company. I can emphatically recommend Begal Enterprises as the most professional I have contracted, after several previous failed tries.

-Pablo Rosenthal


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful job your company did for us at our apartment building. You were highly recommended to us and we certainly understand why you were. From the minute you call, the office staff goes into action. Your quick response and the efficiency of your technicians was outstanding. They knew exactly what had to be done and how to resolve our situation in a calm, timely, professional manner. They took the time to answer all our questions and put us at ease. When the work was completed we were extremely pleased with the outcome. We would highly recommend Begal for any restoration projects.

-Richard and Joan Brady

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