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There is a slightly higher than 1-in-10 chance that your home or commercial structure will experience significant damage on account of a fire. They can arise at anytime and from the most unexpected places: electrical shorts, lint backed up in a clothes dryer, a workman getting careless, a curtain blowing too close to a candle, and a kitchen mishap all can have disastrous consequences.

What do you do when the fire department leaves? You’ll need to board up exposed areas, to prevent further damage and make sure your insurance coverage isn’t put at risk. You’ll probably have some water damage from the fire hoses that will need immediate attention. You’ll have some debris that has to be cleared out, and your salvageable items will have to be stored and cleaned as quickly as possible.

That’s where the Red Carpet Treatment from Begal Enterprises comes in. We’re experts at dealing with not only the board-up and the water damage, but also at making an accurate inventory of the damaged belongings and getting them as clean as the finest techniques allow. Our state of the art equipment and skilled technicians will help get your business reopened quickly. Our rapid response and “white glove” care gets homeowners back in their homes in the shortest time possible.



Here’s a detailed publication from FEMA about what to do when a fire occurs: http://www.usfa.dhs.gov/citizens/atf/

Here’s a brief to do and not to do list from FEMA that’s important to remember after a fire: http://www.fema.gov/hazard/fire/fire_after.shtm

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